The internship program with FPT University in Viet Nam enables qualified students to receive a firsthand experience in the workplace with a position in the company.


The internship opportunities are offered in a range of fields such as Information technology, Engineering, Business, Hospitality, Media and Education properly placing students in related enterprises/organizations with the goals to:


- Improve the capability of student’s communication in an international environment;
- Provide students the opportunity to test their interest in a particular career before permanent commitments are made;
- Develop sharp business skills in the application of theory to practical work situations, as well as aiding them in adjusting from college to full-time employment;
- Enhance students’ capabilities in acquiring good work habit in a dynamic working environment;
- Provide students with an in-depth knowledge of the operations and business activities of a participating organization (FPT Corporation);
- Motivate students to continue their education and a pursuit of working abroad.


The Study tour program developed by FPT University is a one-to-two-week trip that would bring together students, faculties and scholars from Viet Nam and around the world to share knowledge and cultures in major cities of Viet Nam.


Students would participate to a stunning trip to Ha Noi, and overwhelmed by its ancient appearance of the 1000-year old city, featuring hundred historical relics and original cuisine. The participants would also head to Ho Chi Minh City - one of two largest and most populous cities in Viet Nam. The Pearl of the Far East, Saigon, is now an essential hub of economy, media, sport and entertainment in the country. Da Nang, an ideal destination for Study Tour, is known as the tourist capital of South Central Viet Nam, with a west-coast location that makes for beautiful sunsets against an impressive backdrop of lush mountains.


The educational components included in the itinerary are lectures given by professionals in diverse fields such as Viet Nam culture, language, film industry or history. They are story teller, policy maker or strategy developer who will inspire students with their broad knowledge and colorful experience, giving them insights about the country and how to do business in Viet Nam.


Semester abroad program offer students the opportunity to study one semester in Viet Nam with different subjects in IT, Business, Language and Graphic Designs.

The subjects are taught in English and can be credited to their home university.


The semester abroad program can be arranged in a student exchange basis (no tuition fee) or study abroad basis (with tuition fee).


Besides the course work, students can also choose to do capstone project (thesis), join the local culture experience and join various enrichment activities for international students.


The community outreach program in Viet Nam is aimed to establish an effective and sustainable instrument to improve the educational status of disadvantaged communities and the environmental conditions in coastal area.


There are two main community-based project genres based on the local community recourses as respectively:


1) Human Development Project: teaching English for low-income children;


2) Natural Recourse Development Project: clean the beach and increase the awareness of local people in environmental protection;


3) Social wellfare projects: Cooperation with NGO (non-government organization) to conduct projects in environmental, gender, human development, sustainable development.


The Intensive English program aims to create an international learning environment that focuses on developing the language skills needed for success on the job or in their future business world.

By a student-centered approach, students are exposed to an inter-cultural environment in class and real world communication practice to use English effectively in the ordinary events and even workplace.

The course is delivered by experienced, TESOL - quality and native English teachers, along with our class assistants from all around the world. The international learning environment has been successful in encouraging flexible interaction among English learners, building a stepping stone for workplace communication afterwards. FPT University is proud to train English for hundreds of foreign students in Asia.

Moreover, from 2017, the FPT–UBD Global Centre, a collaborative project between FPT University and University Brunei Darussalam, based in Da Nang - “the expected English speaking city of Viet Nam”, will provide various English intensive training courses with high – quality native English teachers from UBD, a top university in Asia.